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What is Fiction?

March 5th, 2021

Fiction is the work of imagination in any form like prose, novel or short story. Fiction can be broadly classified into art and entertainment. Fiction in layman terms can be defined as something that is purely imaginary and not real. However, it is a common observation that anything fictional is derived from real life incidences etc. Fiction stories arouse the sleeping dreams and hidden desires of people and portray them in the form of prose or poetry, novel or a short story.

It can be based on a real life incident, with characters and situations modified to depict the message that the writer wants to convey.

Fictional write-ups are usually written for a purpose, with some hidden message in it.
Writing fiction is an art which comprises of formulating and wrapping up larger than life messages into simple real life incidents.

Fiction and fantasy are different. In a single line it can be expressed as “all fantasy is friction, but all friction is not fantasy.” Fantasy involves something that is purely imaginary and has little or no relevance in real world. On the other hand, fiction is something that is based on something real or can be easily related to our daily life experiences.

Fiction is very important for our society because fictional stories contain social messages which help people learn from others’ life incidents. It can also imbibe spiritual and religious messages in people of the newer generations who are iconoclasts and agnostics. They can help people become aware of what is happening in other parts of the world.

Fiction, though a piece of art or entertainment is a great media for enlightening people, especially the younger generation of the facts, the traditions, the fads, the disputes etc., that we have been carrying since years and years altogether.

It is a medium that helps revolutionize the perspective. It helps retaining what the society needs and discarding what needs to be changed because of the needs of the ever changing culture.