Why I Am Grateful For My Short Fiction Readers

August 3rd, 2021 by dayat No comments »

Reflecting On Your Readers
I recently read a beautiful biography that was married together with an encouraging story on finding more time for rest and renewal. Bonnie Gray, from the Faith Barista blog, served up a truly heart warming story of her own journey in Finding Spiritual Whitespace. I commented on her blog, and told her I was really encouraged by her book. It was a masterfully put together piece of writing, and in her book, she really touched my heart by saying that she believed that she “met with her readers in between the pages” of her book. That struck a chord of reality with me, and led me to sincerely reflect on the gratitude that authors have for their readers.

Looking To Others In Your Environment For Inspiration
Readers are not just readers – they are wonderfully individual, dynamic, amazing and incredible people with their own stories – it is from those around me, and those beyond my own physical environments that I become mindful of when I write articles. As a writer, I recommend sincerely looking at those around you in your immediate environment as a way to begin to connect with and appreciate your readers.

Rich Relationships Contribute To Uplifting Stories
The people around me are always contributing to my life, making it richer and more enjoyable, and I appreciate them in myriads of ways. I have formed friendships with people through work situations, through family members and through the journey called life. I have found that as people they are going through situations where life has short time in the margins, and that they enjoy uplifting and short and encouraging works of fiction.

The Appeal Of Short Fiction As A Genre To Readers
This is where short fiction can really come into its own as a wonderful genre and an opportunity to connect and feel appreciative and grateful for those around you, and your readers. You can pick up little life events, ponder them, and then turn those into little vignettes of joy, that only take five minutes to read, but will leave your readers feeling really happy, uplifted and encouraged for the rest of the day.

Helping To Make Readers’ Lives More Enjoyable
Science fiction, romance, and a whole host of other genres have their place, but as a really special little part of a reader’s day, it might just be that they pick up your little novella and after reading it feel that much better. Short fiction is never a burden, it is an act of appreciation. It was in mind that I thought of some little random acts of kindness that my friends did, and then used that as a basis for some of the short novellas that I have written.

Writing With Enthusiasm and Appreciation
Truly you can meet your readers within the pages, and writ